Ferrecare, which is located in Switzerland, was established in 1955. The brand is managed under the concept “Care for uniquely you”. After 60 years of R & D and manufacturing, and based on clients’ various needs, Ferrecare provides a series of unique beauty products and exquisite treatments.

Ferrecare laboratory locates in the heart of Alps, where the products are particularly pure and natural. The product line is based on the local nobility health sense in Switzerland, which develops a series of unique skincare products with “Isotonic Thermal Water”, the patent Ferrecare formula specially designed for different skin types helps to repair and improve the appearance of skin, keeps it young and soft.

Ferrecare has grasped the formulations of all kind of skincare products and the trends in skincare industry perfectly. By combining the high-tech biotechnology with the raw materials from Alps.  Ferrecare keens to create more patent products with innovations.

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